How to Achieve Operational Excellence: Part 2 of 2 – Achieving Operational Excellence

June 13, 2012 at 2:45 pm Leave a comment

In order to achieve operational excellence in this global economy, organizations need to change their perspectives on how to manage their core competencies; they must change from a focus on maintaining the status quo, to one that is continuously searching for better and rational ways for managing those core competencies. Organizations must continuously look for new and rational ways (strategies, capabilities, methodologies, and solutions) to enable the continuous effective and efficient management (optimization, transformation, and sustainment) and leverage their business’ core competencies to meet the needs of customers and /or stakeholders.

They will need to: (a)¬†develop a mature capability for accurately identifying customer’s/stakeholder’s needs, (b) define those processes and metrics that employees will have to follow and measure to meet those needs, (c) develop employees capabilities to carry out those well defined processes that meets the needs of its customers/stakeholders, (d) fuel those business processes with timely, accurate, measurable and relevant information/data/metrics, and (e) support them with the right information technology for their effective and efficient performance.

Question: Are your Operational Excellence initiatives aligned with your organization’s core competencies?


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